Operation & Maintenance Service

O & M Service

Operation & Maintenance Services

AP Greens Solar Inc. O & M services portfolio includes professional financial and physical asset management solutions, revenue enhancement, ongoing maintenance and repairs, and complete operational solutions for PV assets across India.

AP Greens Solar Inc. O & M services are designed to maximize the lifetime value of your solar power plant assets. We proactively monitors and manages solar plants to minimize downtime and increase site availability, resulting in maximum energy production, revenues, and profitability for our client.

AP Greens Solar Inc. has an experienced Operations & Maintenance division, which takes preventive and corrective maintenance services for solar power plants. The team operates and maintains solar power plants, offers monthly reports on generation and activities.

AP Greens Solar Inc. is confident of its ability to keep a solar power plant operating at the top performance that it has the ability to back it up with a performance guarantee.

Operation & Maintenance Service